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Name: My name is technically Kala. But the people who have been priveleged with this information have scorned it, saying that it sounds like it comes from The Lion King. This is, of course, incorrect. Kala is an Indian name, Tamil to completely specific, and it means “art form” or “virtue”. I’m of the opinion that it’s perfect for me – good meaning, rolls off the tongue, and heralds to my country of origin – India.

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This photo is unrelated; don’t try to make it correlate with the information I’m giving you.

Backstory: Meaning where I originated. I don’t remember much of crowded, noisy Mumbai, and it’s perfectly acceptable not to. Only geniuses remember everything from their two-year-old surroundings, and though I’m intellectual, I’m not a genius. Continuing, my family immigrated to the United States when I was two and my older sister was seven. She remembers a bit more of Mumbai than I do.

Family: We naturally transition to my family. I have a strong father with a thick beard, a loving, beautiful and incredibly thin mother, and an older sister who resembles my father in the extreme (besides the beard, of course). And Shayamal. I thought I’d include him because he’s about to be part of my family when he and Sri get married in November. Shayamal is the epitome of a bitter story with a sweet ending. Sri and I were really close (note the past tense) until he came along two years ago. It was when she starting hanging out with him that I started escaping into literature.

It’s not that he’s bad – au contraire, actually. Not only is he Indian, but he does ballet, just like Sri does and just like I used to. What are the chances of finding an Indian balloret? Pretty slim. But here he is. Ever since he came in the picture, though, I felt something going awry between Sri and I. Maybe it was her just growing up. Whatever it was, I decided to avoid it, because I’m not opposed to cowardice. So I took an extended field trip to lick my wounds. This is where the Sophia part comes in – I go by my middle name to avoid Lion King references.

That was a lot longer than I intended it to be. But these things tend to get complicated.

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Again, unrelated.

Persona: I love writing, obviously. My friends’ vignettes are downright shameful in their lack of detail and overuse of exclamation points. I’m definitely introvertive (yes, that is an interest), and as is natural to come out of both of those interests, I love to read and have read a ton. If I talked a whole lot, then I would use words like ‘vigorously’ regularly.

Favourites: I’ll save books for last. Adam Young Scores are the very best music to listen to – while writing, reading, studying boring science textbooks…you name it. I don’t really
“do” movies, but I do like witty dialogue. So anything with good writing. And now we have books, and this list would go on for a while if I were to try to name all of my favourite books, so I shall name genres instead: historical fiction, mystery, realistic fiction, and classics. Always the classics, people!