vignette (n) – a brief evocative description, account, or episode.

The Silver Sky Dolls are a very interesting bunch. And in truth, each one has a little bit of me, the human, in her. I’ve been on the Trail Of American Girl for several years now, but I only got my first AG Doll in 2014.

But that certainly does not mean I wasn’t interested in having dolls. I got my very first doll, Sophia, for Hanukkah in 2012. She wasn’t AG, but she was just lovely. We did a lot together, for about sixteen months, until I received Isabelle in April 2014.

The very interesting thing about Issa is that I won her from a Barnes and Noble giveaway out of thousands of people who entered. I personally think God gave her to me to get me started on this great ministry (in other words, I wouldn’t have started a blog unless I had two dolls). She really is an amazing miracle.

Autumn is my third doll. I actually bought her with my own money (after months and months of saving every scrap I had), but I wouldn’t have gotten her unless my brother hadn’t donated the $29 that I needed. I think the crazy thing about that was that when I said I needed twenty-nine more dollars, guess how much money, exactly, was in his pocket? $29. Coincidence? I think not…

Of course, through the time I’ve played with them, they’ve gotten love: I had to rewig Sophia because her hair was so nasty it was like dreadlocks, Issa’s a little loose in her joints, but I don’t have the funds to send her to the Doll Hospital right now, Autumn has a couple strange marks on her and a dirty elbow that won’t come clean, but they’re just lovely. “All dolls are created equal” here, and though I probably won’t be buying any more non-AG dolls, I still treat Sophia like she is one. She doesn’t get discriminated.

Please excuse my talkativeness; I get like that sometimes. Enjoy the hopefully well-written vignettes below!

Sophia Cole

What do you call it when one doesn’t get stirred up easily? Chill, that’s right. I’m quite chill. That sounds so strange for me to say. I’m Sophia Cole, the only one in this house who can go through excitement without losing her mind. So far, anyways. Would it ever be nice to have a room mate who wasn’t always mucking about with horses or stories!

I am the oldest, the wisest, the most mature and the prettiest. Well, the latter is arguable, but still. I know I am. But it’s not the sort of pride that gets up in one’s face and throws a hissy-fit. It’s more of a thing that I know myself and won’t share with others.

After I regretfully left London (that was the biggest mistake of my life!), I was the first to arrive on scene in Litton. Then the other two came crashing in one windy October night, asking if they could live here, so I cordially granted them permission – AND THEN DISASTER STRUCK.

I can never tell if it was the best day of my life or the day my life became awful. But I’m more inclined to think it was the best.

I hope to own a lot of stock, send the other two off on their dreams (with my money, of course) to get them out of the way, and live like a queen in 1800 Bullen Road for the rest of my days. Throw tea parties and be popular in the social circles. That sort of thing.

And for you technicians on doll mechanics: I am a customised Springfield Sofia doll.

Issa Sterling

Look out world, here I come! I’m Issa, which is short for Issa Belle. But Issa fits me much better, don’t you think?

Contrary to popular belief, I’m not a fashionista (am I saying that right?) or a ballerina. And it’s not that I don’t like sewing, it’s that I’m not good at it.

My pride and joy is my sweet baby horse (well, he’s not really a baby anymore). Eclipse has taken me where I didn’t think I could go, including some really ritzy shows this year. All I’ll say is that stock horses pull their own weight in the financial department!

I’m from Australia, well, until it was decided I needed to go to my aunt’s in Litton. So I wound up in Liverpool, on the dock, waiting to go to this strange place. Turns out, my aunt had moved, and no one knew where, so I found myself at the front door of a great big house that appeared to have some extra room with the friend I’d met, whom you’ll acknowledge presently.

I’m always willing to lend a helping hand. People say I’m cheerful to an excess sometimes, but don’t listen to them! There is no such thing as too much cheer! I also happen to talk a lot. It annoys the other two sometimes, when I’ve talked all day and can’t stop. Once I get going, I dare you to make me quit!

The thing people say I’m not so good with is that I’m reckless, or impulsive, or hasty, or whatever kind of mud they want to throw on me. They’re all “smoking like bad chimneys”, to use Alcott’s words. I certainly get carried away sometimes, but don’t we all? And besides, you can’t live in Australia for your childhood and not end up that way.

Overall, I’m adventurous, obsessive over licorice, always laughing hysterically at stuff that isn’t so funny, horse-mad – in short, I’m Issa. Fin.

Technical Facts: American Girl GOTY 2014 Isabelle.

Autumn Adair

I’m called Autumn. Autumn Adair. I have a lot of Irish blood in my veins but somehow I never inherited the accent. I’m originally from Ireland, but last I was in reach of the crown, I was in Liverpool since a long time ago. So naturally I’m more Brit than Irish.

I’m a dreamer, a thinker, an author and a photographer. Except I don’t own a camera save the one on my phone. Did I mention already that I’m a dreamer?

I’ve got ‘a lot of pluck’, as they would say in the books, which, translated into nowadays terms, means I’m a drama queen means I am very involved in whatever it is I’m doing. True, I do sometimes overreact, but don’t we all?

I love to read, and I love to write. I wish I could get published, but my editor says he can’t understand my stories half the time. I wonder why that is?

I tend to get lost in my thoughts. And I have to wear reading glasses. It spoils my natural beauty, but it’s better than not being able to read!

If the photography dream doesn’t come true, then I’ll probably end up writing, and if that dream doesn’t come true either, then I’ll work in a dairy and write in my spare time.

For the techies: I’m an AG TM #61, like my cousin Darica (from Small Dolls In A Big World).


39 thoughts on “Vignettes

  1. From the Sunshine Dollies: ( Emily:You are both so pretty! Grace: I agree, why have resturaunt food when you can bake homemade? Isabelle: Wait hold up! There’s ANOTHER ME?! Molly: Uh oh… Isabelle: (screams uncontrollably breaking the space time continuum)
    Kit: We should probably go.
    Ruthie: Yep.
    Saige: Uhh… Guys, where’d Izzy go?

    😛 Molly:To answer your question we are a group of 7 dollies, in a house that is getting to seem a lot less big… (Grace sleeps on the floor)


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