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Believe it or not, this is what the AG Place in New York City looked like for a long time.

vignette (n) – a brief evocative description, account, or episode.

The Silver Sky Dolls are a very interesting bunch. And in truth, each one has a little bit of me, the human, in her. I’ve been on the Trail Of American Girl for several years now, but I only got my first AG Doll in 2014.

But that certainly does not mean I wasn’t interested in having dolls. I got my very first doll, Sophia, for Hanukkah in 2012. She wasn’t AG, but she was just lovely. We did a lot together, for about sixteen months, until I received Isabelle in April 2014.

The very interesting thing about Issa is that I won her from a Barnes and Noble giveaway out of thousands of people who entered. I personally think God gave her to me to get me started on this great ministry (in other words, I wouldn’t have started a blog unless I had two dolls). She really is an amazing miracle.

Autumn is my third doll. I actually bought her with my own money (after months and months of saving every scrap I had), but I wouldn’t have gotten her unless my brother hadn’t donated the $29 that I needed. I think the crazy thing about that was that when I said I needed twenty-nine more dollars, guess how much money, exactly, was in his pocket? $29. Coincidence? I think not…

Of course, through the time I’ve played with them, they’ve gotten love: I had to rewig Sophia because her hair was so nasty it was like dreadlocks, Issa’s a little loose in her joints, but I don’t have the funds to send her to the Doll Hospital right now, Autumn has a couple strange marks on her and a dirty elbow that won’t come clean, but they’re just lovely. “All dolls are created equal” here, and though I probably won’t be buying any more non-AG dolls, I still treat Sophia like she is one. She doesn’t get discriminated.

Please excuse my talkativeness; I get like that sometimes. Enjoy the hopefully well-written vignettes below!


My name’s Kala, but ever since I moved away from home, I’ve been going by Sophia. I’m an author (authoress, actually), introvert, and thoughtful observer of the world.

I suppose I’ve always been that way, even close when I was growing up alongside my sister Sri. Alas, Sri’s getting married, I feel so far away from my family, and I wish things could return to the way they used to be.

Ah, well, at least there’s literature. Reading or writing, it always has comforted me. When everything seems black, I crack open Austen or Bronte and feel much better.

All in all, I can go for days without socialization, and you know, I’m not surprised – the very best friends I have right now are the ones living inside my head.




39 thoughts on “Vignettes”

  1. From the Sunshine Dollies: ( Emily:You are both so pretty! Grace: I agree, why have resturaunt food when you can bake homemade? Isabelle: Wait hold up! There’s ANOTHER ME?! Molly: Uh oh… Isabelle: (screams uncontrollably breaking the space time continuum)
    Kit: We should probably go.
    Ruthie: Yep.
    Saige: Uhh… Guys, where’d Izzy go?

    😛 Molly:To answer your question we are a group of 7 dollies, in a house that is getting to seem a lot less big… (Grace sleeps on the floor)


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