The Dolls


// Kala Sophia Ghadavi \\

Goes by: Sophia, sometimes Kala to her family
Age: 12
Interests: writing, Pintrest, gardening

Always thinking, dreaming, and creating, Sophia may be softspoken, but she has a big heart and even bigger ideas.

Nationality: Indian
Family: Papi, Mami, older sister Sri

Joined SSD in: 2013
Springfield Sofia with a custom wig


// Issa Belle Anderson \\

Goes by: Issa
Age: 13
Interests: Anything she can do barefoot

Issa may be from Kansas, but she’s got a New York City attitude – energetic, optimistic, and able to cheer anyone up.

Nationality: American
Family: Daddy, Mom, older brother Michael, younger brothers Jesse, Cory, and Hunter, younger sister Gwen

Joined SSD in: 2014
AG Girl of the Year 2014


// Autumn Cerise Adair \\

Goes by: Autumn
Age: 15
Interests: Dance, photography, running a Youtube channel

Strong-willed, determined and a queen of organization, Autumn makes over-achieving look easy.

Nationality: Irish-descent American
Family: Dad, Mom

Joined SSD in: 2015
AG Truly Me #61


// Kaori Nicole Sasaki \\

Goes by: Kaori
Age: 15
Interests: Karate, parkour, comic books

Mix plenty of self-confidence and an affinity for danger and you get Kaori, a cool-headed smart-mouthed adventurer with a surprisingly good heart.

Nationality: Japanese-born American
Family: Dad, Mom, cousin Akio

Joined SSD in: 2017
AG Girl of the Year 2006


// Cayman Elizabeth Foster \\

Goes by: Cayman. Her dad calls her Lizard.
Age: 14
Interests: Chemistry, medical science, interior decorating

Too stylish to be a nerd and too smart to be a fashionista, Cayman observes everything from her sweet spot.

Nationality: American
Family: Dad, Mom

Joined SSD in: 2017
AG Cecile Rey

Copy of Collage coming soon!.jpg

// Pyper Noëlle Kennedy \\

Goes by: Pyper
Age: 13
Interests: Figure skating, EDM

With her natural rhythm and her head full of dreams, Pyper’s going places – if she can turn her ideas into reality.

Nationality: English/American
Family: Dad, younger sister Harper

Joined SSD in: 2018
AG Lindsey Bergman w/ custom wig


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