Had I known when I first got Sophia that I would still be playing with dolls at age sixteen, it would have taken away a lot of my growing-up anxiety.

Because when I was ten and first got into dolls, I was a little disappointed that I had missed some of the “good years” to play with dolls.

Shows how much I knew.

Six years later, I have six dolls, and I think what I do with them is way more fun than what I would have done at age eight. My dolls are their own characters. They have personalities and preferences. They have strengths, weaknesses, and quirks, and that’s what makes them more than dolls to me.

Because you never outgrow dolls if you never stop playing.

There might come a day when I have to worry about the real world and its ramifications. There might come a day when I have to preserve my dolls instead of playing with them. But until that day is breathing down my neck, you can find me cross-legged on my bedroom floor, playing with my dollies.



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