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There is new content coming, guys, I promise, but it may take a while. Just be still and patient and it will come in the form of new vignettes for each of my dolls. Yay! But I warn you, these are the longest bios you have seen on a blog site – not just favourite colours and how they love pumpkin spice lattes. We’re going deep.




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I can’t say I’ve ever met anyone like me.

I wonder why that is?


Maybe it’s that not everyone is as daring as I am.

Maybe not everyone thinks that everything is the opportunity for more adventures and experiences.


Maybe not everyone likes the idea of standing on nothing but their own two feet.


Maybe not everyone tests their limits. Maybe not everyone pushes themselves to the max.


Maybe everyone feels comfortable in their niche and never wants to reach for something better.


Maybe not everyone is as stubborn as I am.


I like to call it constancy, though.


My name is Kaori Sasaki, and I’m about to change the world.

I am so happy to welcome Kaori from eBay into the Silver Sky Dolls family! She is a GOTY 2006 Jess McConnell, purchased for only $61. Though she’s used, she has a brand new head from the Doll Hospital, so she’s almost in mint condition.

Bonus photos:

What do you think of her? Are you getting the doll wants again?


American Girl Release {June 2017}

G’day, all loyal followers of SSD! I have been excited about AG’s summer release for some time. Here’s some things to think about on their new release.

Disclaimer: I will not be sharing thoughts about Wellie Wishers, girl-sized outfits or Bitty Baby items. (They don’t interest me as much as the TM and GOTY stuff.)

Disclaimer: All opinions are mine and are not endorsed by American Girl in any way.

Disclaimer: This post will not include every single thing released (although it will contain most of them).

Disclaimer: All photos are from

Disclaimer: That was probably too many disclaimers. 😉

There. Without further adieu, let’s get to the part you guys are wanting to hear about!


First up, the new TM dolls. I love their new outfit! It is so versatile and cute, and finally, the dress is a good length (not too short like the Lilac Dress). #67’s true black hair intrigues me, although I wonder why they released a doll that looks similar to Gabriela McBride now. I like the choice of face mould for #68. #69 is my personal favourite though. I wish she’d had hazel eyes, because then she’d look exactly like me. Well, not exactly, because she’d need super-thick eyebrows. 🙂

American Girl Truly Me™ Doll Without Hair #70 + Truly Me Accessories

The addition of numbered dolls without hair is awesome. Apparently, they’re quite popular, as all three of them are backordered! I really like how they’re accessible now instead of a ‘talk to us’ thing. And, if you wanted to make a custom, this would be how you’d do it… no wig-prying necessary!

Truly Me Accessories

Thumbs up for new accessories! Finally, these are things we can use – not crazy tutus or navy vests… I love that sweater.


I was kind of shocked to see that there weren’t very many new outfits (although there is the Mix and Match collection – we’ll get to that). I do love the colours of the new soccer outfit and the style of the Travel In Style dress! Although I do wish it were grey with blue buttons. Was I really expecting a grey dress? Heavens, no. This is for ages 8-12, right? AG won’t make stuff that doesn’t appeal to that age bracket.

American Girl Peplum Top & Tweed Shorts Outfit for 18-inch Dolls

The Mix and Match collection doesn’t appeal to me this go-round. I think that the pieces look good on their own, but rarely in the combinations they’ve put them in. (Tights, shorts and boots? I’m not feeling it.) The other thing is that these look sort of warm for summer. That may just be because it’s over 100 degrees every day where I live, though.


New school stuff! Its timing is again kind of funny, considering we’ve just gotten out of school…I like the variation in the lunch, the itty-bitty key in the backpack set, and the colour of the locker. Plus, the more traditional backpack is nice. (One-shoulder backpacks aren’t good for carrying weight.)


Petssss! That French Bulldog is so sweet! I love his droopy little mouth. The hamster is a nice variation to the usual cats and dogs. I wonder if he’s flocked velvet or convincingly-painted plastic? The Tuxedo Cat is pretty neat, too, especially because I was expecting this cat:


Gabriela's Loft Bed

Gabriela’s loft bed! I love it. The stool looks a bit small for dolls to sit on, though. Oh well. I like the paints and the posters and the comforter is a super-cool print. Nice work, particularly because it weighs in at just $200.

Gabriela's Chair & Ottoman Set

Overpriced as it is (this thing is not worth $70 IMHO), it was necessary to her collection. The mp3 player and headphones strike me as strange, though, considering that it’s more popular to use a phone and earbuds. Oh well, I can’t complain.

Gabriela's Take Flight Performance Outfit for 18-inch Dolls

Sorry, this outfit feels like a mash-up of Isabelle’s and Lea’s collections (Lime green and purple butterfly-emblazoned dance outfit. ;)). It reminds me of that red Jazz Outfit that came out a couple of years ago. But far beyond all weirdness is the fact that it has a sheer skirt and no shorts or anything to put underneath! Crazy and kind of gross.

Tenney's Sparkling Performance Outfit for 18-inch Dolls

As for Tenney Grant, someone needs to tell her to take that jacket off or dye it grey! ;D The sequin pattern reminds me of audio bars. Good association I suppose.

Logan's Performance Outfit for 18-inch Dolls

Logan looks kind of uncomfortable in this photo! This outfit looks sort of bland to me, though I love the jacket. That logo evokes memories of 2005 AG…what’s with the boots? They look OG :/.

American Girl Tenney's Music Cartridge Set

These are neat, though! Apparently, if you have Tenney’s Dressing Room, then you can plug these little cartidges into her amp and they’ll play music, which you can adjust with the knob on the amp. Such a cool idea!

American Girl Grand Hotel

But this is, by far, my favourite new release. I’m just in love with the Victorian furnishings and the colour scheme. This is giving me ideas for making my own!

It even folds up to look like this. How cool is that?


I love all the accessories that go with it, too. That breakfast is so real.

All in all, I feel like this was a terrific release, the only strikeouts being Gabby’s newest outfit and the new mix and match collection. But hey, that frees up the old one to go on clearance, right?

It feels like the new TM colour scheme is aqua, royal blue and magenta.

Any thoughts? Are you getting anything from the new release? I know that I am!

Signing off for now,


Less hate, more dolls

Hate is never a good thing. It only adds to a problem that most of the time didn’t even exist. Yet we see it on a daily basis, rooting itself in places where we least expect it to crop up. One such place is in the American Girl fandom, which means us bloggers. Everywhere I see hateful, sad things said about something every one of us holds dear.

With the changes being made on the American Girl dolls, people have begun to vow that they aren’t buying any more American Girl dolls, or that they’ll only be shopping from the dolls that don’t have permapanties, or whatever. Ginseng, people are getting heated over boxes. Doll boxes! I kid you not. People are getting all messed up over something as silly as packaging.

The thing we need to remember is something we have all forgotten. We buy American Girl dolls because we think dolls are awesome. We consider them our actresses in our own small stories, or loyal companions on all our adventures, or miniature models for unique fashion design.

Somehow, I can’t see how you would ask your best friend, “What underwear are you wearing? Is it permanently attached?” Would a director ask his lead role, “Are you wearing that permanent underwear again?”

The permanent underwear doesn’t interfere with the clothes or the doll. In fact, now with a boy doll, it keeps people from being perverted. It doesn’t do anything but do the exact same thing you always did with doll underwear – stay on the doll! The wonderful stories aren’t going away, and hopefully, neither are the American Girl fans who bring life and creativity.

The way we use them, they’re more than just a doll. But we still need to remember that they are dolls, and that there will be changes made to them as the tech toy industry tries to go. How is a doll to compete with a Zoomer or a Hello Barbie? Staying current and not letting their company stagnate is the first step.

Personally, I am a supporter of a company who still thinks playing with dolls is cool. I will be purchasing Z Yang, despite the criticism, because I’m full of ideas on how she can become more than just a doll.  I’m not going to let a few simple changes get in the way.

In conclusion, hate has seeped into the world that was once full of girls who just loved their dolls no matter what they looked like. We can’t go back to the way the world was, but we can make a stand for less hate.

What are you going to do to show your support of your passion?


Hide And Go-Seek {Silver Sky Tales #6}

 First off – happy belated birthday Issa! I received her April 1st, 2014.

Secondly, I apologize for the ridiculous hair in the following photostory. I am seriously considering getting both Issa’s and Autumns heads replaced at the AG Hospital. Their hair is getting super-frizzy, even though I’m using a wire brush on it. Any advice on how to fix it?

Without further adieu, here is Tale No. 5.

DSCN2125“One, two, three, four, five, six…”

DSCN2126Sophia crouched beside the slide, calling all the shots. “Lietenant, what number is she up to?”

DSCN2127Autumn poked her head above the railing.

DSCN2123“Thirteen, general sir.” she replied with a smirk at the undeserved titles. “Positions?”

“Indeed,” said Sophia. “Get to your position, Lietenant.”

DSCN2128“Twenty!” Issa called out. “Here I come, ready or not!”

Issa crept round the tree trunk, trying to sneak up on Autumn, and anticipating her surprised yelp.

DSCN2129But instead of a victim of a prank, she was met with something strange…

DSCN2130“Oh, glory!” exclaimed Issa. “A rope swing!”

DSCN2131She hoisted herself onto the impromptu seat

and began to rock rhythmically.

DSCN2137Meanwhile, beneath the slide, Sophia had begun to get impatient. “Lieutenant, lookout duty.”

“Yes, general, sir.”


DSCN2141.JPG“It appears the enemy is swinging, sir.”


“Yes, sir, on a rope swing, sir.”

Sophia snorted. “Tell her to stop! We’re playing a game!”

“But wouldn’t that disclose our location, sir?”

“True,” she regressed. “Back to your position, Lietenant.”

Twenty minutes later…


“You know, General, sir, it makes me wonder if she’s forgotten us.”

“Forgotten us? Lieutenant, the idea is absolutely…” Sophia glanced over at Issa. “Possible. Oh, glory, look what she’s gotten to now.”



They realised it together.

“The playhouse!”

{The End}

My photography in this shoot was half-good and half-awful, though I did get some light spots and I was quite proud of it. Now, though, I need to think on their hair.

And Z Yang! I so want her and will probably wind up getting her.