Follow the Siren {Silver Sky Tales #8}

Disclaimer: some of these photos are really good and some are really awful.


As I watch the car drive away, I try to calm myself down by going over what had happened in the past week.

“Let’s see,” I said aloud. “I left SFO on Monday, layed over in Denver for three hours, and finally reached DFW Monday night. Well, I actually guess it was Tuesday morning. I rode a bus from there to here. And then this morning I caught an Uber car ride to where I am now. Which is a mile away from where I’m supposed to be right now until everything blows over.”

I sigh. Dad never said when that would be. But it isn’t like it’s clear. The media is fickle. Sometimes, they leave something behind in a week, and sometimes they obsess over it for half a year.

I hope it’ll be more of the first kind and I can go home in two weeks.


I start to walk, not really wanting to, but knowing that I’ve got to. My mind wanders back home as my boots squeak on the drying pavement.


My phone interrupts my thoughts.


I whip it out. Usually, I’m not this tech-crazy, but for the past few days, anything from my family is read in about 3.5 seconds.


I already miss Akio, my cousin. I miss my mom and dad. I miss everyone I knew.

I start to text-walk. It’s not a good idea, and I know it, but I’m a bit desperate. Suddenly, I trip over something. I look down.


There’s this weird little bag on the pavement. It’s got kind of an alligator texture and is the most gaudy pattern I’ve ever seen.


I stumble, catch myself, and glare at it. Is it a bomb?


Then I feel someone watching me. I turn around.


There’s a little girl looking at me. She looks almost like some kind of siren in alluring shades of green and blue. I make a mental note to borrow her fashion choices for my comics. Yakisoba might look good in that.


We stare at eachother for a couple of minutes.


Then I call, “Is this yours?”


She skips over. Her little rainboots have goofy frog faces on them. Or are they fish?


“Yeah,” she says. Her voice has a tinge of mischief in it. “Thanks for finding it.”

“You’re welcome. What are you doing here?”

“Well…” She rocks back on her rubber heels. “Can you keep a secret?”

“Sure,” I reply with a shrug.

She leans in and whispers, “I had a babysitter, but I got rid of her.”

Wow. That was…interesting. “Where are you going then?”

“I’m going to visit my older sister, Issa. Do you wanna come?”

Even more interesting. “Um.”


“She’d like you.”

I don’t know what it is. Maybe it’s her big blue eyes with that adorable little freckle underneath the left one. Maybe it’s that I need a place to stay tonight.

“Alright,” I say. “Lead the way?”

She giggles. “But I don’t even know your name!”

“Well, I don’t know yours, either.”

“My name’s Camille Fauncewater. Now will you tell me what your name is?”


“Kaori. Kaori Sasaki.”

“Ka – what?”

I laugh. “It’s Japanese. Ka-or-i Sa-sa-ki.”

“Kal-or-ee Sa-sa-kee.”

I decide not to push it. “Aren’t we going somewhere?”

“Yup!” she says. “My sister is really going to like you.”

“I hope so,” I mutter. “I don’t play well with others, usually.”

She doesn’t hear me. Maybe that’s a good thing.

Yes, I received a Wellie Wisher as a gift! Camille is so adorable and I can’t wait to take more photos of her.

IMHO, the last photo is one of the best photos I’ve ever taken. Period.

Let me know what you think – are you excited to see how things will pan out for Kaori and Camille?



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9 thoughts on “Follow the Siren {Silver Sky Tales #8}”

  1. Wow. This is awesome! I loved reading it, and the writing was astounding, and so were all of the pictures! Yes, THAT LAST PICTURE IS STUNNING! Amazing job! Loved reading it! Your photo story is great! Camille is beautiful!


  2. So amazing! (Have I commented I here before? If not, I totally should have. Love your blog) I just want to read more of this. I seriously can’t wait! Um, Camille seems… interesting. She got rid of her babysitter? Might want to clarify that. Anyway, great post!


    Liked by 1 person

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