American Girl read my mind…again!

I’m so excited – GOTY 2018 has an astronomy theme to her! Hot off the presses of Poppets and Posies, here’s a promo t-shirt of hers!

I am literally so excited! It’s about time we had a GOTY who’s not a performer in some way…is it just me or does Luciana sound Mexican?

Can’t wait to see more!

What do you guys think?



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Tess (blackiesunshine)

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15 thoughts on “American Girl read my mind…again!”

  1. It’s interesting this is leaked the same week the AG Agenda focuses on STEAM (they added art to the acronym). Perhaps management is starting to listen to us. Or our following the STEM trend.

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  2. I think that maybe Luciana will be interested in space and she has many brothers and sisters or something, so she has the shirt because she likes space and she wants some space?


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