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Letters to Sri {Silver Sky Tales #7}

In case you haven’t been snooping into the comments, I decided to revoke my judgment upon the first six Silver Sky Tales. Instead of disregarding them (their stories are actually decent), I just decided to progress a year, and finalize everyone in that year. Enjoy.

Also, this post doesn’t have very many actual pictures. It was supposed to have several, but my camera ran out of battery, so I found another way to do it. Enjoy and remember – this is FINAL now!


The morning sun poured into the bedroom as I opened the laptop we all shared. I glanced at the time. Apparently Autumn had set the clock back again to scare her into staying on task. I never understood that method – I find it impossible to trick myself. Minimizing Autumn’s dance video and clicking off Issa’s random sticky note (I hope ‘the orange leaf isn’t so great’ wasn’t an important memo), I opened my email. It had been ages since my sister had gotten anything from me.


The little cursor blinked menacingly as I fought the writer’s block building up within me. How do you tell someone you love a lot that you have been trying to find time to talk to them? Especially when she asked you something over six months ago?


Dear, dear Sri. She’s much older than me, but still my best friend. Our bond had really begun when I was six and taking the Tot Ballet classes at our local arts center. She was already into Level Seven, an accomplished dancer, and auditioning for a supporting role inΒ Swan Lake. But instead of staying detached from her embarrassing protege, she took time to teach me what she knew. I remember her laboring over teaching me to arabesque. It was about the nicest thing anyone had ever done for me. Since that commitment, we’ve been friends for life, and the thing that always connected us was ballet.

Around fourth grade, I got into writing, though. And I think that was the downhill slide on my ballet career. But I kept dancing, for Sri and Sri only. When I moved here, to Alverton, my dancing became less and less enjoyable. I started to dread classes and eventually lost my momentum. And when I’d told Sri, she had been completely silent. Eventually, after what seemed like an hour, she told me, “Keep stretching. You never know when you might want to go back.”

Inevidably, Sri was still sore about my desertion. But I stretched my pointes every morning, just for her. Every now and then, I’d break into a jete or a pirouette, just for the fun of it. But no more ballet for me, not without her. So now I was attempting a novel about ballet, to justify it.


Sweet, extrovertive Sri. So different than me. I border on anti-social in my closeness with those I love. But not Sri. She’s an instant friend everyone wants to know.


Kala. I whispered the name as I pressed the keys. No one has called me my Indian name in ages, and I miss it. It sounds so melodious in comparison to the harsh, sharp So-FEE-ah. But alas, that’s the name on the placard, and my middle name is reserved for family and close friends only. Still, as I sat there, I wished someone would come in and yell, “Kala! Come here, please!”

I don’t necessarily miss home, but I do miss Sri and everyone.

As I hit the ‘send’ button, I wondered whether I could make it to her wedding. How much do plane tickets to Boston cost?


Sri replied to me the very next day.


I smiled, breathing in, and desperately wishing I were in Boston.

Alas, things aren’t working out for me.

Plane tickets to Boston cost $616, not counting fees and tax. And that’s $616 that I don’t have.

Dear, dear Sri.

This took a lot of work. But I think you can see that. πŸ™‚

If anything isn’t clear about Sophia’s new backstory, all you need to do is ask for clarity and I will reply.

Next up: Her Esteemed Excellence, Autumn Adair {Silver Sky Tales #8}



6 thoughts on “Letters to Sri {Silver Sky Tales #7}

  1. This was interesting to read! I hope she’ll get to go to Boston!
    The emails were neat! However, I just thought I’d mention that they were kind of hard to read, because of the small letters. So maybe if you write them out, or make them bigger in the future? Just thought I’d give a little feedback! πŸ™‚
    Great photostory! It does look like it took a lot of work!

    Liked by 1 person

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