Less hate, more dolls

Hate is never a good thing. It only adds to a problem that most of the time didn’t even exist. Yet we see it on a daily basis, rooting itself in places where we least expect it to crop up. One such place is in the American Girl fandom, which means us bloggers. Everywhere I see hateful, sad things said about something every one of us holds dear.

With the changes being made on the American Girl dolls, people have begun to vow that they aren’t buying any more American Girl dolls, or that they’ll only be shopping from the dolls that don’t have permapanties, or whatever. Ginseng, people are getting heated over boxes. Doll boxes! I kid you not. People are getting all messed up over something as silly as packaging.

The thing we need to remember is something we have all forgotten. We buy American Girl dolls because we think dolls are awesome. We consider them our actresses in our own small stories, or loyal companions on all our adventures, or miniature models for unique fashion design.

Somehow, I can’t see how you would ask your best friend, “What underwear are you wearing? Is it permanently attached?” Would a director ask his lead role, “Are you wearing that permanent underwear again?”

The permanent underwear doesn’t interfere with the clothes or the doll. In fact, now with a boy doll, it keeps people from being perverted. It doesn’t do anything but do the exact same thing you always did with doll underwear – stay on the doll! The wonderful stories aren’t going away, and hopefully, neither are the American Girl fans who bring life and creativity.

The way we use them, they’re more than just a doll. But we still need to remember that they are dolls, and that there will be changes made to them as the tech toy industry tries to go. How is a doll to compete with a Zoomer or a Hello Barbie? Staying current and not letting their company stagnate is the first step.

Personally, I am a supporter of a company who still thinks playing with dolls is cool. I will be purchasing Z Yang, despite the criticism, because I’m full of ideas on how she can become more than just a doll. Β I’m not going to let a few simple changes get in the way.

In conclusion, hate has seeped into the world that was once full of girls who just loved their dolls no matter what they looked like. We can’t go back to the way the world was, but we can make a stand for less hate.

What are you going to do to show your support of your passion?



19 thoughts on “Less hate, more dolls

  1. This is good! I find it refreshing to see when someone is still enjoying, and content with, American Girl, since there are so many posts putting AG down. It can be easy to get wrapped up and upset with a bunch of things that we don’t like American Girl to do. Though there are some things that I don’t like American Girl to do with their products, I try to be careful not to go too crazy about it.
    Z Yang is so adorable! I look forward to seeing her here, if/when you do get her! I think she would fit in quite well with your doll family. πŸ™‚

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    1. I’m glad to see someone agrees! Thanks for your support. And I can’t wait to get Z! I’m waiting till after I come back from my trip, though. Nothing is more agonizing than having a doll waiting for you at home LOL. (Insider news: she will be getting a new name!)


  2. People are over reacting because they think they’re being ripped off. I can agree with them for that. I don’t care about underwear I mean the box bothers me a little bit I’m most disappointed about the low quality thin wigs! They are also upset because they were probably with AG from the beginning and have seen the quality decrease. I will still buy dolls as long as they have positive reviewsπŸ™‚
    Ps: I want #64

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  3. I agree with some of what you are saying. I would like to see less nastiness when discussing points of view. Here’s the thing many of those crying the loudest have been collecting American Girl Dolls for a long time and have witnessed first hand the decline in a superior quality product with steadily increasing prices. The many changes finally reached a breaking point where the longtime collectors could no longer accept what was coming from Mattel. Even worse was that those that spoke out calmly about the changes were initially being put down and rebuffed by the company they held dear. How does it make you feel when you are trying to make a point and no one listens or says we don’t care what you are saying? Frustration levels rise. Those collectors then decided on a way to make themselves heard that Mattel would hear…stopping support of the company by stopping the cash flow from their pockets to the company’s cash box.

    In most cases I don’t feel boycotts make a difference. Usually the scope is too broad and the hurt group is smaller than those who don’t care. However, in this case, the focus was small enough and the group of collectors strong enough that the concerns were finally heard and change was affected.

    While a small portion of this group provided heated words with arguments, many did not. Many quietly and consciously made a stand. Please do not hate those who took a stand. They are looking out for your and future interest in the dolls you love, by keeping Mattel on task at providing a quality, long lasting play doll that hopefully you will share with your children and grandchildren.

    On the finale of the show The Toy Box (sponsored by Mattel) one of the young judges voted off a gorgeous, well articulated doll because the price point was $115 (the same as American Girl Dolls). Said she didn’t think anyone would pay that. I was shocked. How did she not know about AG? We do pay that. We pay it happily for a quality product. I would not be happy to pay $115 for a doll and have it be the same quality as one I could pick up at Walmart or Target. I pay $115 for a beautiful doll with lovely hair that can be styled over and over. And appendages that remain intact through every outfit change, outing, and adventure.


  4. Tess, THIS. IS. AWESOME. Especially the part about the boy doll. I didn’t take the time to write angry letters or anything about the new changes. It just wasn’t worth it. And if I didn’t like an AG product, I didn’t have to buy it, for goodness’ sake! No reason to throw a pity party. Some people did protest politely, which was great. Oh, did you see the latest AG news regarding permapanties on FaceBook?

    Thanks for this post — so awesome. So awesome. So awesome.


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    1. Madison, I am so glad to hear someone thinking the way I do! I have seen the news on Facebook and was just as glad as the next AG fan , yet I knew deep down (with a sense of triumph) that I wasn’t a bunch of angry people that made the change – it was people who went about it the proper way, which is through prayer and peace. Also, it’s good to see that they’re not afraid to change.
      You are absolutely welcome.
      Less hate, more dolls.

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      1. Same here! I’m glad for the new changes and definitely don’t believe it was the anger and hate that changed it. The polite protesters did it right. It is! I’m really glad to see AG making changes — I never thought they would, but I’m glad!


  5. I don’t really agree with you, because we are the one BUYING the dolls so they should be high quality since we pay a high price for them. We aren’t hating on the company, we’re giving them our feedback and helping them stay in line. But you are entitled to your opinion. πŸ™ƒ


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