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Bella’s Questions

This goes on the trophy list of TWO POSTS IN ONE DAY. *gasps for breath*. For someone who hardly posts once a week, I’m pretty psyched.

Bella sent me a list of ten AG questions she wanted to hear my opinion on. Fire away, inner filibuster!

1. If you could get any retired AG doll, which doll would you get?
Ooh, tough. As far as retired dolls go, I like all of them, especially because their collections are a lot more interesting. But out of them all, I think I’d get Marie-Grace and Cecile. (I know that’s two, but when you get one, you get the other.) I was actually looking into a pair I’d found on eBay, but the bid went way higher than I could pay. I was a little bit crushed. 😦


2. Do you watch American Girl Videos on YouTube? If so, what are your favorite channels?
I can’t say I’m an avid AGTube viewer, particularly because I’m usually watching Jockeycams instead, but I subscribed to American Girl Ideas after seeing their adollable Redbox machine.


3. What is your favorite American Girl Movie?

This is also a tough one. I have actually only seen two AG movies all the way through, and between Isabelle Dances Into The Spotlight and Grace Stirs Up Success, I liked Grace better. Although I think Patrick Kirst gets paid per cheesy song. XD.


4. What is your favorite Girl Of The Year?

Out of ’em all? Probably Jess McConnell, even though she’s sort of little known. She has my favorite face mould and is definitely on my wishlist. If I could get ahold of one.


5. What do you think of Logan Everett?
I’m going to be perfectly honest, and I know my opinion is not going to be popular – I HATE HIM. Well, hate is a strong word, but I think that American Girl ought to stick to girls. I don’t think it’s wise to let girls think having a boyfriend is okay, and before you say that he’s not her boyfriend, you know every girl’s going to play him that way. :/ Please don’t lynch me.


6. What would your dream custom AG doll look like?

Oh, what a good question! I’ve been making up a GOTY named Katherine McKittrick. She’s a half-British equestrian who lives with her dad because her mother is sadly passed. She would have Kit’s blue eyes, freckles and wavy brown hair. Something like this:

A little bad, but it’ll do. Hand done.

7. Which one of your AG dolls is your favorite?

Hum. I think I’d rather not say, lest I become wildly unpopular with my dolls.

I took this photo.

8. What made you want to get your first AG doll?

Story time!
I was a-walking around Barnes and Noble when I stumbled upon a beautiful display – the big letters beckoned to me: WIN AN AMERICAN GIRL DOLL. I nearly flipped. After filling out four entires (one for me, my mother and my two sisters), I prayed. And prayed. And prayed. I prayed every night for three months. I prayed whenever I thought about that gorgeous blonde doll in the display.
April 1st, 2014: My mother received a call. I thought it was an April Fool’s joke. I took my doll Sophia, whom I’d gotten for Hannukkah in 2012, and I got my first AG doll.
Although they took my photo, I don’t have it. I was probably so smiley that it blinded the photographer. XD.

Well, that concludes the questions. Thanks Bella! I’ll prepare eight questions for you, and send them to you.

From, Tess







35 thoughts on “Bella’s Questions

  1. This was AWESOME! Your answes were so cool to read! And don’t worry. I pretty much hate Logan, too. 😛 *high-five* I loved hearing about when you got your first AG doll! And I’ve prayed extremely hard and won a contest, too! I was only 9, and I didn’t have much faith then, so it might’ve been a coincidence, but hey… 😄 You’re so funny, Tess! I actually screenshotted like three different areas of your posts because you made me laugh… “I was probably so smiley that it blinded the photographer.” XDXDXD

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  2. Great post! I’m the same way with my dolls, I never say my favorites. If your custom was a real ag doll,I would totally buy her! I watch AmericanGirlIdeas too!! I have the same feeling regarding Logan, plus, his face mold is Kaya’s, and I thought that was specifically made for her culture. Thanks for answering my questions! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re welcome, Bella! I totally didn’t think about kaya’s being specially for her culture. Isn’t that minorly offensive? I’m glad you like my GOTY. She’d have an updated, better AG horse that was jointed and LARGER. For heaven’s sakes, their horses are tiny in comparison with the doll. I wouldn’t mind them being fifty dollars extra if they’d just make them bigger. A horse’s back ought to be at your neckline. Not your belly button. XD.

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      1. 🙂 Yah, they should have made Logan his own face mold, since he is a boy doll…If Kaya were a real girl, she wouldn’t be happy about this. AG’s horses are way too small!! Also, if you don’t mind, could you hold off on the questions for now, due to the fact that my blog is not public? 🙂 Bella


  3. I love your GOTY! She’s adorable!
    So, Tess, you signed up for the AGPS Competition. It’s the 4th challenge, and that will be posted in a few minutes, but I just wanted to let you know that you need to participate in at least one challenge to remain a part of AGPSC. Just wanted to let you know, there’s two challenges left, so you have plenty of time!


  4. I am exactly the same about Logan. I actually emailed AG recently regarding all of their recent changes and new doll’s, but I got a very unsatisfactory response. 😦 Heck, at least it isn’t a form letter.

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  5. Ok, Tess, I am bored right now so I am looking at old posts on blogs sooo… that’s obviously why I’m commenting on this… XDDD But anyway…. I LITERALLY HAVE THE EXACT SAME OPINION ABOUT LOGAN AS YOU DO! But my brother wants him… HELP ME NOWWWWW

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