Award Ceremony!

Good afternoon, ladies and gentledolls. Thanks to BellasBeehive and Lexie, I have been nominated for two awards! Thanks so much, you two!

Instead of copying and pasting the rules over and over, I’ve made a free use rules photo that is totally copyable, so when you get nominated, you can repost it.


It isn’t the best, but it will work. Someone with excellent photoshop skills ought to make a better one.

Now, for the questions:

I started this blog in 2015, when I wanted to be cool like everyone else. Well, not really. I wanted to have a website to go with my name, more like.

My advice to ye bloggers is to TRY YOUR BEST. This sounds corny, but stick with me. If you’re not trying your hardest, it shows. Try to produce the best content you can possibly make.

Nominations? I think nearly EVERYONE has received this award. So anyone who has not received this award and who follows my blog is nominated.

Lexie also nominated me for The Sunshine Blogger Award! Hooray! These questions look fun.

Do you keep a journal?
Yes, yes, YES! I have journalled for a bit over two years now and am on my ninth spiral notebook. My advice: IF YOU DON’T WANT IT READ, DON’T WRITE IT. #beentheredonethat

What is your opinion on socks?
I wear just my socks much too often. I should probably wear my sneakers more often.

If you could live on a farm would you?
Oh yes. Farm life means HORSES. LOTS OF HORSES.

Long skirts or short?
Definitely long. I don’t wear short skirts. It’s usually jeans or long skirts.

What is the hardest thing you have ever done?
Hmmm. Apologising to this kid in kindergarten for saying very mean things. I gave him a Three Musketeers bar and said I was sorry. Now whenever I see a Three Musketeers I think of him. 😛

I like your skirt.
I’m actually wearing jeans today. Hmm.

How many batteries does the clock in your kitchen use?
I think it uses two AAAs.

If you were put on a stage and told to talk what would you talk about?
I would talk about Thomas The Tank Engine, telling the story of the franchise from the beginning. #weirdfandom.

What is in the tab to the left of this one (right if there isn’t one to the left) on your device?
The Online Tube. It is suggesting a lot of TTTE right now.

What time is it?
Dinner time. Well, not really. 12:46 pm.

What color is the towel hanging in your parent’s bathroom right now?
It is white. I think. I should know, because I share a bathroom with my mum.

Again, I nominate any follower of mine who has not been nominated yet.

Well, there you have it. Thanks so much, you guys! Love you!





13 thoughts on “Award Ceremony!

  1. Hi Tess! I just realized that I can nominate you for the sunshine blogger awards! I nominate you, and I will send you my questions asap! You’ve had 9 journals? That’s a lot! I am the same with socks! lol! 🙂 Ps. SPOILER ALERT: I’ve seen the new AG boy doll that’s coming out this month! Message me back if you want to hear more about him (unless you’ve already seen him!)


    1. I actually have heard a lot about Logan Everett…do you read AGDN? And I am actually in sockfeet right now. LOL. And though I would just LOVE to answer more questions, I have already been nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award! I put the thing in my sidebar.

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      1. Yes! I do read AGDN!! lol!! 🙂 Okay awesome! I am busy at the moment, but I will send you my questions before the day is up! I was hoping to send them to you yesterday, but I got very busy! 🙂 BellasBeehive 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Alright, I gathered up eight questions! Here they are:
        +If you could get any retired AG doll, which doll would you get?
        +Do you watch American Girl Videos on YouTube? If so, what are your favorite channels?
        + What is your favorite American Girl Movie?
        +What is your Favorite Girl of the Year?
        +What is your opinion on Logan Everatt
        + What would your dream custom AG doll look like?
        +Which one of your AG dolls is your favorite?
        +What made you want to get your first AG doll?

        Liked by 1 person

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