Silver Sky Tales

The Discomfiting Debut {Silver Sky Tales #2}


39 thoughts on “The Discomfiting Debut {Silver Sky Tales #2}

      1. Yes, maybe.
        (That’s blackiesunshine-eze for “I’m going to be out of town that weekend, and things get toastally crazy when the entire family comes in, and there is but one computer in the house, so I honestly have no clue, but Merry Christmas!)

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  1. I loved your doll story BTW! Don’t worry about what anyone says about your photos, if doll photography is your passion then stick with it, don’t worry, when I first started taking pics of my doll, I could hardly even hold the camera straight. You’ll totally improve! I can’t wait to see episode 3!!!

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      1. Sorry, I don’t know if you were notified, but I accidentally unfollowed your blog, but don’t worry, as quick as that happened I re-followed you. Sorry, I was just letting you know so you were not like, she was just telling me that my blog was amazing, why would she unfollow me :(. It was just an accident. πŸ™‚ Bella


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