The Turnover

I want to start this long and boring tale by saying you may skip to the conclusion (which is a couple of scrolls down) if you don’t feel like reading all of it. But I really wish you would read it, it will give you an idea of what on earth is going to happen now.

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking. Perhaps a bit too much thinking, but is there really such thing? I’ve been comparing, contrasting, debating, deliberating, and finally coming to a conclusive solution to my problem. Here’s how.

I feel that my blog isn’t the very best I can do. I feel like I’m not giving it my all when I post about this or that. I also feel like the quality of my posts are slowly deteriorating, and that I only post when WordPress tells me that “my last post wasΒ x many days ago”. When you’re posting like that, you’re not going to post the best you can do.

Also, from a literary standpoint, I feel like my dolls’ characters are very flat. They don’t have many dimensions like good characters should. Sophia and Autumn are pretty much exactly the same, and Isabelle is insane. I think it would be much better if all of them were a little more faceted and interesting, so to speak.

My third problem is that I feel I don’t acknowledge The Lord in everything I do. I’m Messianic Jewish, see, so sometimes I have trouble getting what I think put out onto posts Β (so that you guys will understand it). I think I just need to bite the bullet and keep it simple, stupid! You don’t have to tear your heart out and parade it on a stick to acknowledge God in your posts.

In conclusion, I’ve decided to turn over my blog onto a new leaf. I’ve decided to start over all my dolls’ characters, their backstories, my style…everything. (Though I will promise you that Isabelle won’t be like everyone else’s Isabelles. Mine is different.) This means that the old posts will be going to the trash (even the Arcane Arboretum…), so that only the new Silver Sky Dolls is apparent.

So your job is to forget everything you remember about this blog. Your job is to go into this with an open mind and enjoy! I’m writing this blog for the service of the Creator.

Please forgive the filibuster, and GREATNESS AWAITS.

Yours truly,



28 thoughts on “The Turnover

  1. I’m very much looking forward to seeing the things you do with this blog! I enjoyed browsing your blog before, too, and now I am excited to see what new things you come up with! Good luck!

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