The Hard Life Of A Youtuber {Photostory}

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It has been so long since I’ve made a photostory, but this was fun. Enjoy.

\\ o.O.o //

“Hi guys, it’s Autumn, back for another video! So today I’m going to -“

“Ugh. Is there any way you can wait?”

“It’s just as much my room as it is yours.”

“But I’m filming a video!”

“But I need to find my backpack. Just a sec, Pushy.”

“Ugh, are you done yet?”

“It’s not in here.”

“Okay, it’s not, you can leave now.”

“I’m so editing that out. Anyways, where was I? Oh yeah. Today I’m going to show you guys this amazing dress I got from Azure. It’s from the Sparkle Collection, and I got it for -“

“Okay, would you knock it off?”

“Knock off what?”

“You’re doing it on purpose now.”

“Am not.”

“Are too. Would you please leave me alone?”

“Okay, fine. Sheesh.”

“You have got to be kidding me.”

“Whose dog even is that?”

“Archer! Don’t run off like that! I am so sorry, he’s kinda rowdy.”

“Where did he come from?”

“Oh, he’s Sophia’s cousin’s dog. I’m babysitting him for Sophia because Sophia’s babysitting him for her cousin but she had to go turn in some library books -“

“Am I not allowed to make a video or something?”

“Hey, Kaori, I found your backpack in the kitchen.”

“Alright, that’s it! I give up.”

“Gee, I’m sorry.”

“Did I say something wrong?”

“Oh my word, it’s still recording.”

“Pretty hard being a Youtuber, amirite?”

“Yeah, seriously you guys. Hehe.”


“This video has done like, so well. Thanks, you guys.”

“Anytime, Autumn.”

the end



*clap clap* gather ’round, chillren, it’s story time

I was in Goodwill a few weeks ago (November 21st, to be exact), when I found The Thing That We AG Fans Hope To Find Sometime In Our Lifetimes™. Namely, a doll foot sticking up out of the mound of stinky stuffed animals. I pounced on it like a vulture.

The foot belonged to a ratty Lindsey Bergman who probably spent most of her years in the dire straits of someone else’s childhood. She had wiggly legs and smelled like dust and old books, but after a total body cleaning, a restringing that cost me some of my sanity, and a new wig, she really looked alive again.

I forgot to take before pictures. Whoops. I was definitely not acting like I’d found Cibola and Atlantis and the map on the back of the Constitution. Pfft. Having renamed her Pyper (I was considering Sierra, but I thought Pyper sounded better), I started in on her and sort-of-just-now-two-weeks-ago finished her. I was awaiting new batteries for my camera. Ahem.

Pyper during:

watermark 07

(I apologize in advance for nightmares or loaded questions from younger siblings.)

Pyper now:

watermark 06

Her original price ($6), plus the restringing kit ($8 on Etsy) and her new wig ($25 from Zazou Dolls) brings the grand total of what I paid for her to $39. That’s 66% off MSRP. Of course, she isn’t a brand new doll, but she’s in really nice condition. Well, she is now.

So this is Pyper Kennedy, my sixth doll.

watermark 01

Pyper’s always half-way into a project. Be it experimenting with record scratch or scratch spins, she’s never idle and likes to stay busy. She’s been ice skating since she was five, but lately she’s been spending a lot of time coming up with slightly unoriginal EDM.

watermark 05

She’s never been one for showing off, though. It’s not because she’s particularly humble, but more because of chronic self-confidence issues. So despite her hobbies, she doesn’t do any recitals – and the Youtube channel she made six months ago for her music still has no content on it.


watermark 03
Pyper’s quite social, but she often feels alienated because she tends to be the “friend mom”. She sometimes wishes people wouldn’t come to her with their problems, even though she loves helping them work through things. Being a natural leader isn’t a talent she appreciates anymore, mostly because she often wonders if her advice is even any good.

watermark 04

Yet there’s something about her that makes everyone trust her. She’s the first to speak up for a cause she believes in and the last to back away from a daunting project. This kind of attitude, combined with her insecurity regarding her ability, breeds a lot of guilt and self-doubt. And since she’s usually the leader, she feels she can’t allow her problems to surface.


watermark 02

So she keeps busy. She withdraws a bit at times to make more music, practice more moves, and wonder if she’s any good at anything. She knows she’ll reach a breaking point sometime. But until she can’t stand any more, she’ll work on her EDM and perfecting her Salchow jumps.

~ \\ o // ~

One of my Unreasonable New Year’s Resolutions™ is to post on this blog more. I still love dolls, and even though I’m not the little eleven-year-old AG blogger I used to be, that doesn’t mean I can’t be part of the fun.

Has anyone else noticed a decrese in AG blogging recently? I can’t tell if it’s the fandom fading or if I just need to find some new blogs.

Whatever it is, the situation isn’t getting any better with this blog laying dormant. Hehe.

Here’s to a good 2019. Happy New Year!

Sayonara for now,



One Piece, Five Ways // Dollcloset’s Skater Dress

(I’m back `v`)
(Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. Dollcloset didn’t tell me to say anything, and I’m not receiving any payment for this post. All opinions are my own.)
(Oh, and if you’re reading this in your WordPress Reader, you should really come see my site. I’ve worked hard on it ^w^)

I was one of those people who had made a promise to keep off of Etsy.

Until I found Dollcloset.

Almost all of their doll clothes are “choose-your-own-color”: basically, fight with yourself as you struggle to pick just one color out of their 30+ options. And we’re not just talking blue and pink. Think sage green, burgundy, mocha, coral – honestly, I want one of everything.

If you haven’t visited Dollcloset yet, you’re missing out on at least a window shopping experience.

Click me to go to Dollcloset!


Now, let’s get into the post!

Even though I really wanted everything from Dollcloset, I settled on their Skater Dress in black. And I was too excited to get it on my dolls to get a picture of the package 9_9 But it wasn’t much – just a mailer.

Instantly, out of the package, I could tell a few things about it:

  • it’s well-made. Really well made! It has serged inside seams and a lot of attention to detail.
  • it’s well-designed, too. Cap sleeves, a full circle skirt, and made of knit with a bit of stretch in it that drapes amazingly.

I had a really hard time deciding who got to wear it first, but I settled on Cayman, who’s going for simple and elegant. (Isn’t she always?)

Dress_Cayman (960x1280)

They say every girl should have a little black dress, and I think I have to agree. The skirt is so much fun to play with – it’s nice and full and I can’t stop flouncing it up and down ^v^

But none of our dolls really go to special events that often. So I decided to see how it looked more – casually?

(What’s kind of funny is that in real life, I wear a t-shirt and jeans every day. You know you’re a teenaged doll collector when your dolls are better-dressed than you >u<)

Dress_Autumn (962x1280)

Autumn went for country/weekend/denim, proving that it’s not just formal. It works really well as a casual dress, too. *coughs* I’m gonna stop with the fashion talk now, cuz I honestly don’t know what I’m saying 6_6

I may not know fashion sense, but I do know that clothes are seasonal. So how does it hold up for different seasons? Is it just a fall/spring dress or does it work for winter, too?

Dress_Sophia (960x1280)

Yes, yes it does. With Sophia being a slim-body 18″ doll, I knew it would fit slightly looser, so I took advantage of that and put together something wintery. And I felt really bad about it too, because it’s the middle of July and it’s over a hundred degrees outside and here I am, making Sophs wear winter clothes. All in the name of a good photoshoot, right?

Now black usually means sophisticated/understated. Until you get Issa involved.

Dress_Issa (960x1280)

I had her bright pink hair extensions in, and I…got carried away? I dunno, I think it looks pretty good. But there’s that winter wear again. I’m sorry, dolls, I just want summer to be over already so we can get some rain and temperatures under a hundred degrees. Living in Texas stinks sometimes.

Back on topic, Tess. *ahem*

When I got this, I wanted something that Kaori could wear, too. Something she would revolt to being in. Something she actually might enjoy wearing. Bingo.

Dress_Kaori (960x1280)

Let’s not forget it’s a skater dress, and honestly, it’s perfect on Kaori. I was a little worried that it wouldn’t fit her (she’s from ’06, from before being skinny was being perfect) but it works just as well on her. And she’s definitely rocking it.

Now, the real question is, who wore it best?

I can’t decide. I also don’t want to start jealousy issues between my dolls >x<. So how about you guys choose! I’d love to hear your opinion on the best one. Who knows, I might tally them up and declare a winner of this little face-off in the next post.

To wrap things up:

  • Silver Sky Dolls is back in business. I’m sorry it’s been ages. I’ve just been busy and trying to work out where I wanted to go with it. But I’m back now, and I’m not going anywhere!
  • Dollcloset is a really, really awesome shop – you really should have a look around. And treat yourself? Okay, I’ll stop.
  • A simple black dress can be worn in a bunch of different ways!

Here’s to more posts in the future and to more ways to wear that black dress!