The Road to Stardom, Part II {Silver Sky Tales #4}

I experimented with a different room in this post – unfortunately my backdrop was not big enough in some places. Enjoy anyways.


“Look, Autumn, I don’t care what you say about your glasses, you need to take them,” Sophia said for the eighty millionth time.


“No,” Autumn replied, tossing her head saucily. “I won’t wear them, I won’t even bring them. They’re ugly and they ruin my natural beauty.”

“I don’t care. You need to wear them.”

“No, I don’t! I won’t ever make it in the acting world wearing eyeglasses!”


“Look, Tum,” said Issa, who was tired of hearing Autumn whine. “Sophia knows what she’s doing. If she says you’re going to wear those glasses then by golly you’re going to wear them.”

“That was sort of American,” Autumn remarked huffily.

“I don’t care; it should convince you to do right.”


Autumn seized the bag from Sophia. Her glasses within made an annoying click as she swung it angrily.

“Are we ready, then?” Sophia asked.

Issa jumped off the chair. “I am.”

And so they departed for Parker Brothers Coffee.



Mrs. Lei Pei Miau was a staunch, businesslike woman in her mid-thirties.

“Look,” Autumn whispered to Issa. “Your hair fits right in.”

Issa giggled and whispered, “I think mine’s better.”


There was, unfortunately, but one seat at the table, so Issa and Autumn stood behind Sophia encouragingly.


“You are Miss Montoya, no?”

“Yes, I’m she.”

“Very good, I hear from my talent scouts that you and your friends Issa Palmer and…” She looked at Autumn. “What’s your name?”


“Autumn Adair, ma’am.”

“Hmm. Tell me, are you Irish?”


Issa yawned. Whenever Autumn was asked that, she went into a long speech about how it was unfair that she had not inherited the accent. Anything, she thought, to make this interesting…

Then, she saw something awful. Biting her tongue to keep from blurting it out in front of Miss Miau, she whipped out her phone.


Issa watched nervously. PING! went Autumn’s phone.

“Excuse me,” she said, and stepped away. Issa tried not to make eye contact.







Autumn read. Then she looked.


There on her thigh was a hole in her tights the size of a young watermelon. The bare skin stared out from behind its nylon cage.

She heard Miss Miau say, “You told me, Miss Montoya, that Autumn faints on cue?”


“Yes,” said Sophia nervously, looking at the genuine performance. “She does.”


The phone screens were made on a very easy, free, online tool called Fake iPhone Text Messages. I had a ton of fun making this one. Next stop? The Road to Stardom, Part III.

Tell me what you thought!


The Road to Stardom, Part I {Silver Sky Tales #3}

I apologize that this has taken so long to get up, but here it is, in its full glory (or lack thereof) – Silver Sky Tales #3. And notice that my photography has improved a little – I’ve been working on it. 🙂 Also, I have finalized that they are all British. There’s nothing wrong with that, is there? Keep that in mind as you go.


Issa sat, on that windy January morning, comfortably ensconced in the large pink beanbag known affectionately as The Gumball. It did rather resemble one, she thought, and as she flipped through the magazine she was reading wondering whose idea Valentine’s Day was, Autumn skipped in, red-faced and breathless.


“Look!” she commanded before Issa could say anything. But then she snatched the letter away before Issa could acknowledge it and swirled into a chair.


Issa glanced at the address.


Brighton, Illinois, she wondered. What could somebody in the States want from Misses Montoya, Palmer and Adair?


Autumn, holding the letter much too close to her face, pretending like she was reading it. Issa watched with a grinchish smile.


“Don’t think I don’t know you wear reading glasses,” Issa smirked.


Autumn sighed, felt around in the drawer for the dreaded spectacles, and reluctantly put them on. Autumn had a “thing” about glasses. She thought they made her look old and ugly, which, of course, wasn’t the case, because there are few things in this world that make Miss Adair unattractive. Chances are that everyone would have thought they were cute if she wore them more often.


With quavering lips and pouding heart, Autumn read the letter. She gave a little gasp, rather like a bewigged duchess who had just heard something traitorous, and


collapsed on the floor!


Issa, who was very much alarmed, rose from the clutches of The Gumball and put her Guide training to work.


Flipping her over, and trying to ignore every story she’d heard of bad news coming in a letter and making the reader have a heart attack and die, she checked to see if she was still breathing. She was.


“Great pumpkin spice!” came a familiar voice. Apparently Sophia was back from ballet. “What’s she done to herself now?”


“She’s in a dead faint,” came Issa’s nonchalant reply, like having your friends keel over on the floor was a part of everyday life.

“I can see that,” Sophia replied with a cocked eyebrow. “But why?”

Issa was about to answer something along the lines of “beats me”, but for one, that sounded sort of American, and secondly, there was one clue as to why Autumn had fainted.


She picked up the letter that was nestled in the woolly carpet and read it.

“Don’t you go keeling over, too,” Sophia warned.

“Do I usually?” Issa answered, not really heeding. Then, she blinked. “Good heavens,” she sighed.



“It appears,” Issa said, shaking her head, “that we’re actors now.”

“First off, since we’re girls, we’ll be actresses. And secondly, what in thunder does that mean?

“Just let me read it,” Issa said, and put on her best Illinois accent.

“Dear Misses Montoya, Palmer and Adair,

My name is Elmore Whittaker. I am the director of Whittaker Productions, Inc. My talent scouts have spotted the three of you and would like to have you in a new production we have deemed Enigma On Eighteenth Street. If you are interested in taking the roles we offer, please meet my casting agent Lei Pei Miau (pronounced like the cat noise, by the way) at Parker Brothers Coffee at nine o’clock on the morning of the twelfth of January.


Mr. Elmore Whittaker

(P.S: The parts are a lot of fun. It’s a detective story, see, so naturally there’s a lot of mystery to it. And your natural accents will be just stellar to the production. – E. W.)

“Wow,” said Sophia. “So are we going to meet him next Thursday?”


Autumn slowly sat up. “Of course we are! I’ve always wanted to be a movie star!”


Well, what do you think? Yes, this will mean that I will be starting a new series in addition to the Silver Sky Tales. AG is an excellent way to express those little stories that need to be told but aren’t worth writing.

I hope you’ll look forward to more!

Signing off,


An Accident {Silver Sky Tales #1}


I have decided to number these little strange stories that I make up and call them Silver Sky Tales.

Enjoy! This one’s called An Accident.


“Gee,” Autumn complained. “For all the busyness that was supposed to happen after Thanksgiving break, it sure is dull around here.”

Just then, the door slammed downstairs.


“Huh. I wonder what that was.” She listened intently.

“Sophia!” came Issa’s voice in a harried whisper. “My life is over! I can’t go anywhere ever again!”

“You’re a little blonde to be Anne of Green Gables,” Sophia said wryly. “What’s wrong?”


Autumn crept downstairs, just as curious as Sophia was.


Issa and Sophia were standing there. The former was in an evident state of distress. Her hair was rumpled wildly instead of out of the way like usual. Autumn listened.

“It’s awful!” Issa warned. “And it won’t come out!”

Sophia took things methodically. “Have you tried shampoo?”

“Every kind there is! Even the horse shampoo! And it won’t!”


They saw her a little late.

“What’s going on?” Autumn asked, raising her eyebrows.


“Issa’s had a little accident,” Sophia ventured.

Autumn looked at Issa. She was mouthing “don’t tell her please!” to Sophia.

“With what?”

“Her hair.”


Issa bit her lip.

“Well,” Autumn said, “let’s inspect the damage.”


They looked at the blond tresses.


“Great pumpkin spice!” Sophia exclaimed. “Issa Belle Sterling! Your hair’s pink!”


“I know,” said Issa. “I was trying this thing that I read online on how to make your hair strawberry blonde.”

Autumn was confused. “Why would you want to be strawberry blonde?”

“You know that girl in the catalogues? Maryellen? I think she’s about the prettiest in the world. And I already had the hazel eyes, so…”

“What exactly were you trying to use?” Sophia asked, scratching her head.


“Issa,” she laughed. “You use the Kool-Aid dip-dye method when you’re trying to give yourself highlights. Crazy coloured highlights.”

“Oh.” She twirled a bit of magenta hair around her finger. “It’s so obnoxiously pink.”


Sophia snapped her fingers.”You know, Autumn, that gives me an idea.”


Sophia brushed and styled. Issa fidgeted and Autumn stayed quietly out of the way. Then, it was ready.


“Ta-da!” Sophia announced, like she was revealing a rare animal.

“Sophia! You covered up the pink!” Autumn exclaimed.

“But that isn’t the best part,” she grinned. “Issa, do a handstand.”

Issa did.


“Oh. Wow!” Autumn was enraptured. “It’s like regular on top…”

“But crazy when you are!” Issa laughed between breaths.


“Okay, Issa, hold still.”


“Here we go!”


She showed a little bit dazed Issa the photo.

“That’s awesome! What do you call it, Sophia?”


“I call it,” she replied, ” ‘Peek-a-boo Pigtails’.”

“I love it! Thanks, Sophia.”

“You’re welcome, Issa. Isn’t that what friends are for?”


I hope you enjoyed! I am still practicing taking photos in the new dollhouse, so the lighting in these is a bit wonky. I hope you’ll forgive me and I will get better! I should probably make a reflector. Does anyone have any experience with those? If you do, please let me know. I would appreciate it!

Have a great day, and God bless as always!


The Turnover


I want to start this long and boring tale by saying you may skip to the conclusion (which is a couple of scrolls down) if you don’t feel like reading all of it. But I really wish you would read it, it will give you an idea of what on earth is going to happen now.

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking. Perhaps a bit too much thinking, but is there really such thing? I’ve been comparing, contrasting, debating, deliberating, and finally coming to a conclusive solution to my problem. Here’s how.

I feel that my blog isn’t the very best I can do. I feel like I’m not giving it my all when I post about this or that. I also feel like the quality of my posts are slowly deteriorating, and that I only post when WordPress tells me that “my last post was x many days ago”. When you’re posting like that, you’re not going to post the best you can do.

Also, from a literary standpoint, I feel like my dolls’ characters are very flat. They don’t have many dimensions like good characters should. Sophia and Autumn are pretty much exactly the same, and Isabelle is insane. I think it would be much better if all of them were a little more faceted and interesting, so to speak.

My third problem is that I feel I don’t acknowledge The Lord in everything I do. I’m Messianic Jewish, see, so sometimes I have trouble getting what I think put out onto posts  (so that you guys will understand it). I think I just need to bite the bullet and keep it simple, stupid! You don’t have to tear your heart out and parade it on a stick to acknowledge God in your posts.

In conclusion, I’ve decided to turn over my blog onto a new leaf. I’ve decided to start over all my dolls’ characters, their backstories, my style…everything. (Though I will promise you that Isabelle won’t be like everyone else’s Isabelles. Mine is different.) This means that the old posts will be going to the trash (even the Arcane Arboretum…), so that only the new Silver Sky Dolls is apparent.

So your job is to forget everything you remember about this blog. Your job is to go into this with an open mind and enjoy! I’m writing this blog for the service of the Creator.

Please forgive the filibuster, and GREATNESS AWAITS.

Yours truly,